Cuddle Party is a workshop and playshop with a social atmosphere designed for adults to explore platonic touch, communication, boundaries, and affection. Currently happening once a month. For dates and times and more info about the next Cuddle Party head here.

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Intro to the Wheel of Consent®, Perth Hills, WA, 29th March 2020

Created by Dr Betty Martin, the Wheel of Consent® is a model for understanding what happens between two people when they interact. It sheds light on troublesome and confusing interactions and clears them up. It is based on exchanges of touch but applies to much more. It describes the fundamental dynamics of most human relating. Many people take this workshop to clarify and enhance their personal or intimate lives and are surprised to discover how much it affects the rest of their lives too! This one-day introduction to the Wheel of Consent® covers some of the basic principles. We will explore the concepts and practices of how to notice what it is we want, how to trust that, value it and communicate it. We will experiment through experiential play, and discuss and share our insights along the way. 

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Betty Martin explaining the Wheel of Consent. N.B this is an older video, Give and Receive quadrants are now  labelled Serve and Accept for greater clarity.


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