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Cuddle Party is a workshop and playshop with a social atmosphere designed for adults to explore platonic touch, communication, boundaries, and affection. Currently happening once a month. For dates and times and more info about the next Cuddle Party head here.

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Wheel of Consent workshops coming soon!

The Wheel of Consent is a model of interaction that is based on exchanges of touch but applies to much more. It sheds light on troublesome and confusing interactions and clears them up. It describes the fundamental dynamics of most human relating. Many people take this workshop to clarify and enhance their personal or intimate lives and are surprised to discover how much it affects the rest of their lives too! The Wheel of Consent distinguishes between who is ‘doing’ and who it’s for. This distinction  opens us to a rich and varied possibility of experience. It shows you how to notice what it is you want, how to trust that, value it and communicate it.

Reverence Retreat, Swan Valley, Perth, WA, 25th - 27th October, 2019

Reverence is a bespoke, retreat-style festival celebrating conscious communication and sacred sexuality. 

I'm facilitating  a workshop called Wheel of Consent for Lovers and a group Cuddle Puddle experience. 


ISTA Level 1,  Tasmania, 5th - 11th January, 2020

Spiritual. Sexual. Shamanic. Each of these three areas alone carry enormous charge for shadow and misuse of power as well as potential for liberation, freedom, love and joy. Together, integrated, we begin to see what it means to be awake, empowered, in community and in service as love in the world. I'm assisting with others at this powerful and intensive retreat being lead by some amazing facilitators in this field. 

Like a Pro with Betty Martin, Fremantle, 26th February - 1st March, 2020

Like a Pro is a five-day course on the Wheel of Consent® for practitioners. It is offered to practitioners working with topics of consent, boundaries, relational intimacy, body sovereignty, trauma recovery, sexuality and communication, especially those with touch-based practices such as massage therapists, Tantra practitioners, sexological bodyworkers, sacred sexuality guides, surrogate partners, sex workers and other touch providers. Professionals such as psychotherapists, physicians, counselors, educators and coaches also gain great insight and skills from this training.

This class is experience based, with a series of somatic experiences in which you experience each of the four Quadrants of the Wheel, which then allows you to apply the principles to your client sessions and offer it as a practice for your clients to take home. (Also expect it to affect your personal life.) I'm co-ordinating this training on behalf of Betty Martin and the School of Consent as part of her Australian tour. Please email me contact@vanessakvance.com if you would like to chat more about it or book in.