Sessions are in a counselling framework and may include embodied, expressive, creative, and consent practices and techniques. I work with a range of issues relating to body, communication, expression and identity. Many of these issues are intertwined with  intimacy and sexuality.  I have seen clients who have experienced consent violations or other body based trauma, are emerging from conservative sex-negative upbringings, or are experiencing barriers to pleasure or intimacy with others for a variety of reasons. I take an integrative approach to therapy with a particular focus on combining neuroscience with somatic and expressive therapies, holding space for the past as well the present and the stories that link it all together. My work is trauma informed and is open to adult folks of all genders, orientations and relationship styles. 

  • Sessions are 90 minutes for $150. 

  • My available session hours are limited to week days during school hours.  Please contact me to arrange a time and day.

  • Sessions may be booked up to one month in advance and require a minimum 24 hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling

  • All sessions are currently held at the Forest House Cottage in Glen Forrest. The forest is nourishing and worth the drive for many. Address details to be given upon booking. 

  • Payment for sessions can be cash on the day or direct debit before hand. Bank details are: Axis Mundi CoachingBSB 036-011Account 489846


1) Do you offer medicare or private health rebates? Unfortunately No. The current Australian health system has a very restricted policy on who can offer rebates. The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia is continuing to lobby the government for more recognition of different kinds of empirically sound therapies. Meanwhile not having to go through a system means you don't have to tell anyone else about your issues to attend sessions which increases your privacy in my practice. 


2)Do sessions involve touch?   Yes and No.

      a) I have trained in Sexological Bodywork which includes an array of body-based practices and techniques aimed at  increasing awareness and sensation in the body. Some of those practices, such a mapping, involve one-way genital touch, yet there are many practices that don't. I DO NOT do any genital or erotic touch in my work but educate and coach clients in practices they can engage by themselves. Additionally, my sessions do not  involve any nudity. I happily refer clients and work in tandem with other suitably qualified body-touch professionals such as Sexological Bodyworkers and Pelvic Physios as required.

           b) Some consent and body awareness-based practices that I offer do involve touch. However these activities have very specific intentions with clear limits that are discussed and agree to in full during the session. As a baseline limit we are both clothed and the parts of your body that would generally be covered by underwear are off limits. A starting point for a lot of consent exercises begin with the hands because hands have great capacity for feeling yet have neutral meaning for most people.  Touch can be wonderfully healing when it is wanted, consensual and has a clear purpose and intention. Safety and choice is a priority in any healing journey. 

             c) Also, your work with me may never include touch either because it isn't necessary or you choose not to. Each modality offered has a clear learning objective and that meets a learning edge. Touch is one element of a variety of learning tools that may be used. If touch is not applicable to your learning edge then it will not be used. And most importantly, choice will always be offered and your response respected. 

3) I see that you facilitate Cuddle Parties, do you also do private Cuddle sessions? I love to facilitate Cuddle Parties and nurturing platonic touch may form part of your therapy journey with me, however I am not trained in private cuddling and do not offer this as a stand alone service. I recommend Jo from Cuddle Haven. Jo is professionally trained with and regularly assists me at Cuddle Party.  See more here.

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