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Do you offer Medicare or private health fund rebates?


Unfortunately, I do not currently offer Medicare or private health rebates due to the narrow criteria the government places on which allied health practitioners can register. On the plus side, you do not have to talk to anyone else before coming to see me. Just contact me and our chat will be just between you and me.

Do you work with couples?


I do work with couples who are reasonably on track and wish to enhance their connection. If you are seriously struggling as a couple I recommend seeing a therapist who specialises in relationship, couples or marriage counselling first. If you are a couple and wish to work with me together, please contact me to discuss your situation and I can advise whether my studio is the right place for you. 

Is it OK to keep seeing my psychologist if I come and see you?


Yes! Absolutely. It is important that you maintain your current support services if they are still providing essential care. I am not a psychologist and my work does not replace psychological treatment. Some of my clients have a psychologist, psychiatrist, or GP that oversees their mental health care and they come to work with me as an adjunct to their other treatment. I am happy to work in conjunction with other health professionals you may be seeing and appreciate disclosure about who you are seeing and why.  At your discretion and with your permission I am willing to talk with those professionals about your situation to better meet your needs if required. Alternatively you may have finished your journey with your psychologist and are looking for the next step. Contact me to discuss how I may be able to help. 

Do you do bodywork?


No. Not in the usual sense like massage, physiotherapy, or touch trauma release techniques. I do not offer body treatment based work. It is a common misconception that somatic therapy means full body touch work. This is not always the case. Although modalities that use a lot of hands on touch can be amazing there are many pathways to developing somatic awareness and using it as a resource for growth, healing and change. This also means I do not offer one-off sessions. Mindful practice over time is the key to somatic learning and it is to be expected that clients will commit to multiple sessions. 

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