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Group Classes and Events


The following classes and events are for people to explore various topics in the realms of intimacy, sexuality, and embodiment, with like-minded folk.  Connecting as a group provides an opportunity to practice and play in a safe and structured space, learning more about ourselves through each other. Although the topics may challenge your edges and evoke deep self-reflection necessary for change, you will be supported with your inner learning and have fun in the process.


Please note that group classes and events are not group therapy. They are educational and experiential spaces where you take responsibility for your own experience. This means taking care of your own needs and limits whilst respecting the space and being free to choose how much you want to participate and learn from the offerings.  The course-content, group dynamics and facilitation may not meet all of your needs in the same way a private session might, so if you feel this is important to you then I encourage you to book a one-to-one session here.


Please read the event descriptions in full to ensure the group class or event is right for you.

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Ongoing Classes & Events

These events take place several times throughout the year following a similar format, content or theme as described. Follow the links for more info, dates, and bookings.

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The Wheel of Consent® is for people who want to create better relationships, feel more pleasure and joy, develop greater self-confidence to deliver stronger and more effective boundaries, and enjoy meaningful, respectful, and fulfilling experiences with everyone in their life. It is not about techniques or rules but rather a solid theoretical framework and embodied practice to empower your nervous system and develop lifelong skills. The Wheel of Consent® is like yoga for human relating, intimacy, and connection!

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